The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Policy Studies at UC Santa Cruz is actively engaged in conducting a strategic survey research program that includes participation in nationally-developed survey projects and the development and administration of locally-developed survey instruments. These survey activities are part of the university’s commitment to institutional effectiveness and improvement.

Current Major Surveys

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The UCSC Campus Surveys Calendar shows a schedule of campus-wide student surveys for each quarter.

UCSC 2021 Graduate Student Survey

Currently in summer 2021, the Graduate Student Survey continues to be open.  The 2021 survey is open through July 1, 2021.  This important survey is conducted only once every two years, and provides graduate students an opportunity to share opinions and experiences about academic training, funding, support, and the overall climate at UCSC. 

StayConnected2UCSC Survey

In the most recently completed academic year, 2020-2021, some of the most-accessed survey results were the reports on our StayConnected2UCSC Surveys, a special series of surveys that focused on students' experiences during remote learning. 



Regular Student Surveys at UCSC

Regular large campus-wide student surveys at UCSC include the surveys shown below. For information about these surveys, including survey results, please see each of the linked pages below.

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UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)

A survey of all enrolled undergraduates, conducted every two years during spring quarter.  It is a comprehensive survey about the undergraduate experience including academics, student life, and future plans.

UCSC 2021 Graduate Student Survey

UCSC Graduate Student Survey

A survey of all enrolled graduate students, conducted every two years. It is a comprehensive survey about the graduate student experience including teaching, research, campus climate, and professional development.

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First Destination Survey

An ongoing survey of recent UCSC undergraduate degree recipients, about graduate school or career plans and outcomes.

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College Choice Survey

A periodic survey of first-year and transfer students admitted to UCSC, about students' college choice and experience with the admissions process.

Recent Additional Surveys

Additional surveys are conducted to address issues of current interest on campus.  These recently have included:

  • StayConnected2UCSC Surveys - a special series of surveys during the 2020-2021 academic year that focused on students' experiences during remote learning. 
  • Family Support Survey - a survey designed to understand the child care and dependent adult care needs of students, faculty, and staff.  This survey was conducted in 2020, in collaboration with the UCSC Child Care and Family Services Advisory Committee.
  • Environmental Sustainability Survey - a survey of undergraduate students with one round in 2016 and another round in 2019.

Previous Student Surveys

For More Information

  • For support on survey question development or assistance with survey administration, please use the IRAPS Survey Team's Consultation Request Form
  • For general information, including survey results and access to older reports, contact the IRAPS Survey Team at