First Destination Survey

UCSC First Destination Survey - Take the survey!

The First Destination Survey is about recent UCSC BA/BS graduates' post-graduation efforts, whether working, going to graduate school, or pursuing other interests.  Recent graduates from each quarter take the survey within the first six months after graduating. 

If you are a recent graduate, please participate in the survey!  Click below on the quarter of your graduation:


Recent graduates who complete the survey will be eligible for prize drawings of Amazon gift cards, held at the end of the survey for each quarter's graduates.

Responses are confidential and are combined over multiple quarters and years so that reporting is in the aggregate.  These results help the UCSC Career Center plan to better meet the needs of students and recent alumni in each major, and provide future students in each major a glimpse of "what's next" after graduation.


First Destination Survey Results

First Destination Survey data is designed to provide students, alumni, and employers with critical data about where UCSC students go after graduation.  The profiles provide an impressive overview of the diverse interests and achievements of recent graduates from UC Santa Cruz.

FDS Results from 2016-2020 Degree Recipients

  • Results combining results from 16 quarters will be available in fall 2021!  These results include graduates in 2020, which means that survey responses were collected through early 2021.

FDS Results from 2014-2017 Degree Recipients

Survey findings show that, as expected, college major does not restrict the employment or graduate school options that UCSC students pursue. 

Additional Results from 2016-2017 Degree Recipients

  • The overall survey response rate was 33% (1,418 respondents out of the 4,311 graduates invited to take the survey).
  • 70% of graduates who responded in the class of 2017 reported being employed full time within 3 months after graduation.
  • 17% of students applied to and/or were accepted to start graduate studies after graduation.
  • Of the remaining majority, three in five students intends to apply to graduate school within 5 years after graduating from UCSC.  
  • Of students who were not attending graduate school, or employed, 74% were seeking employment while the remaining 26% were engaged in endeavors such as volunteering, participating in internships, looking after their family, tooking a year off, or pursuing other opportunities.