First Destination Survey

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The First Destination Survey is the survey for graduating seniors!

The First Destination Survey asks graduating seniors about plans after completing a degree at UC Santa Cruz -- whether seeking employment, working, going to graduate school, or pursuing other interests.

Spring 2023 and Winter 2023 graduates:  Congratulations!  Select the quarter of your graduation:


For graduates in Summer 2023, Fall 2023, and later quarters -- please take the survey later, in the quarter that you will graduate!

For each quarter's graduates, the survey is open for up to six months after graduation.


2016-2021 First Destination Survey Dashboard of Results

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The First Destination Survey Dashboard of Results shows the post-graduation plans of recent undergraduate degree recipients.

Results combine responses from 5 years graduating classes, from Summer 2016 graduates to Spring 2021 graduates.  Results from Spring 2021 graduates were collected through January 2022.  The aim of this dashboard is to help students with major selection and career preparation.

First Destination Survey results help future students with major selection and career preparation, and provide alumni and employers with information about where UC Santa Cruz students go after graduation.  Results also help UCSC Career Success and academic departments plan to better meet the needs of students and recent graduates. 

Responses are confidential and are combined over multiple quarters and years:  results are not reported in any personally identiable way.

2014-2017 First Destination Survey Results

Major-specific reports are available in PDF format for graduates between 2014 and 2017.  The profiles provide an impressive overview of the diverse interests and achievements of recent graduates from UC Santa Cruz. 

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2014-2017 First Destination Survey Results by Degree/Major

Plans for employment and graduate students, among 2014-2017 degree recipients.

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2015-2017 Sources of Career Advice

Sources of career advice and discussion of career plans with advisors, among 2015-2017 degree recipients.