First Destination Survey

Every year the Career Center asks seniors and recent graduates about what they're doing after they graduate, whether they are working, going to graduate school or pursuing other interests.

This data is designed to provide students, alumni, and employers with critical data about where UCSC students go after graduation.  As expected, college major does not restrict the employment or graduate school options that UCSC students pursue.  The profiles provide an impressive overview of the diverse interests and achievements of recent graduates from UC Santa Cruz.

Most Recent Results

Report on Sources of Career Advice, 2015/16 and 2016/17 graduates

Overall results for the 2015/16 graduating cohort

  • The overall survey response rate was 37% (1456 respondents out of the 3916 graduates invited to take the survey).
  • One of four students in the class of 2016 was employed full time immediately after graduation.
  • 13% of students were accepted to start graduate studies immediately after graduation.
  • Of the remaining majority, one in two students intends to apply to graduate school within 5 years after graduating from UCSC.  
  • Over a third (35%) were seeking full-time employment while the remaining 25% were engaged in endeavors such as volunteered, took a part-time job, looked after their family, took a year off, or pursued other opportunities.

Program- (major-) specific reports about Plans for Employment and Graduate Studies

If you are applying to graduate or are a recent graduate, please participate in the survey!

Survey results are extremely valuable to future students and to the Career Center. By completing this very short survey you will help other students learn about "what's next" after graduation, and your feedback will help the Center plan for meeting student needs in the future.

Seniors, take the survey now! Click below on the quarter and year of when you will graduate to start the survey.