Privacy & Confidentiality Policy for Surveys

Our Policy

The UCSC Institutional Research, Assessment, and Policy Studies (IRAPS) office administers the online survey, produces reports and stores the data files. The IRAPS office does not share individual students’ responses with faculty, staff, or anyone else.

Reports by IRAPS contain data analyzed at the group level (for example, student experience in a given program). Only those programs/departments that have at least seven respondents receive a report with a written summary of the results and series of tables containing frequencies of responses. Responses to open ended questions are paraphrased to protect the respondent's identity.

Information About IRAPS Survey Systems

IRAPS-administered surveys use established survey system platforms, notably either the Verint/Vovici survey system or the Qualtrics system. When members of the UCSC community, including students, alumni, faculty, or staff, are invited to take an IRAPS-administered online survey, they will normally receive either an email with a personalized survey link unique to them, or will be directed through UCSC Relay to authenticate first with a CruzID to ensure additional security.

Major regular and periodic surveys that are conducted by IRAPS are also listed on the IRAPS Survey Calendar or as a separate page on the sidebar of the IRAPS webpage, with additional information about the survey, so that the campus community can verify that the survey is taking place.


If you have questions about the IRAPS privacy policy, please write to