UC Santa Cruz Environmental Sustainability Survey

About the Environmental Sustainability Survey

IRAPS has been collaborating with the People of Color Sustainability Collective (PoCSC) on student surveys about environmental sustainability.  This is a survey of undergraduate students about student views and experiences about environmental sustainability, including participation in organizations and course-based learning about sustainability.

We have done three survey rounds:  2016, 2019, and 2022.

This survey of undergraduate students has supported a campus-wide project to gain a better understanding of student perceptions of and participation in the environmental sustainability movement on campus. Student feedback through this survey will continue to help the campus to create programming, resources, and opportunities to better address campus needs.

The survey has four components: (1) personal views on sustainability issues and their importance to the campus, (2) participation in organizations, (3) course-based learning about sustainability, and (4) personal experiences and knowledge about sustainability and the environment.

Survey Results

Informational graphics showcasing results from the survey include:

Environmental Health Threats findings Community Health Findings from the 2019 Round of the Environmental Sustainability Survey
Race and Environmental Justice Race and Environmental Justice from the 2019 Round of the Environmental Sustainability Survey
Growing Concerns of UCSC Undergraduates Growing Environmental Concerns Between 2016 and 2019 Rounds of the Environmental Sustainability Survey
Environmental Belief Paradox UCSC Undergraduates and the Environmental Belief Paradox from the 2019 Round of the Environmental Sustainability Survey
Rankings of Sustainability Definitions Rankings of Sustainability Definitions at UCSC Based on the 2019 Round of the Environmental Sustainability Survey

For more information about the research effort, please contact Flora Lu, Professor in the Environmental Studies Department and the People of Color Sustainability Collective.  For information about the survey, please write to the IRAPS Surveys Team at surveys@ucsc.edu.