University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)

The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is an online, UC-wide survey of undergraduates that is administered every other spring quarter.  The survey is funded by the University of California.

UCUES provides an opportunity for students to give the university feedback on various aspects of student life at UC Santa Cruz, including the quality of the undergraduate experience, academic advising, access to classes, participation in student organizations and community services, students’ goals and values, as well as their overall satisfaction with the UC experience. In addition, UCSC student responses can be compared to those of students attending other UC campuses.  


UCUES 2016

Our overall response rate at UCSC for UCUES 2016 was very high: 40% of students enrolled in Winter and/or Spring 2016 took the survey.


2016 Undergraduate Research and Creative Experience Report


Interactive summary tables for UCSC and other UCs


UCUES 2014                


Response Rate


*Results from 1996 are available. Please submit your request to IRAPS via email.

Contact information

For assistance or more information about UCUES, please contact Lisa O'Connor; x2-7016