University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)

The UC Undergraduate Experience Survey is open during Spring 2024

All undergraduate students are invited to take the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) during Spring quarter 2024. Undergraduate students can start the survey by going to

This survey is one of the most important regular student surveys on campus. It takes place at all undergraduate UC campuses every two years, and allows students to provide confidential feedback which will be used to improve academic programs, student services, the campus climate for diversity and inclusion, undergraduate advising, and many other areas. This survey has been held every other spring quarter since 2006.

Faculty and staff members can tell students about how results help departments and campus units learn about student experiences and needs. Graphics for promoting this year's survey are also available for faculty, staff members, and student organization leaders to use.  As a way to thank students for time spent on the survey, all students who complete the survey will be entered into drawings for more than 100 prizes, with gift card prizes ranging in value from $10 to $100 for a mix of local downtown Santa Cruz shops and nationally available retailers.  The survey will be open for all 10 weeks of the spring quarter, until June 7, 2024.



    CruzID login required to ensure that access is for current undergraduates.


How can faculty, staff, and student leaders help to promote the survey?

A collection of promotional graphics and other resources is available.  Please use these graphics broadly to get the word out to students about the survey!  Many prize drawings will also be held throughout the spring!

How are survey findings used to improve student life?

  1. The UC Undergraduate Experience Survey allows students to give feedback that can be seen by faculty in each major and leaders throughout campus.  It is the only campus-wide student survey that provides comprehensive student feedback on the quality of academic experiences used in formal evaluation of academic majors.
  2. Survey findings help key decisionmakers throughout campus to understand trends over time in students' experiences including the curriculum in each major, teaching practices, advising, campus programs, student services, and the campus climate for the expression of diverse ideas and experiences.  The survey has been run since 2006.
  3. The survey is designed specifically for UC students and helps provide cross-campus comparative data for UC Santa Cruz and other UC campuses.

Survey Results Across All UC Campuses

2022 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey Results

The 2022 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey at UC Santa Cruz was open from April 6, 2022 to July 1, 2022.  28% of students enrolled in Winter 2022 took the survey.

UCUES 2022 system dashboard image with blue title and black filters and tables

Interactive data tables for UC Santa Cruz and other UC campuses, 2022

Results can be filtered by major name, student level, and student background characteristics.  Available on the systemwide surveys results pages (University of California systemwide Information Center).

UCUES advising dashboard thumbnail with blue, teal, and yellow bars

Interactive data tables on Advising for UC Santa Cruz, 2022

Results from the 2022 UCUES Module on Advising show the UCSC undergraduate students' experiences with advising provided by faculty and various campus units, as well as their advising needs related to academic progress, financial needs, and post-graduate plans.

UCUES 2022 advising suggestions thumbnail with blue table of common themes

Undergraduate Student Suggestions for Improving Advising, 2022 (PDF)

UCUES 2022 climate for diversity and inclusion thumbnail with blue and yellow chart about inclusion for students with disabilities

Undergraduate Student Experiences with the Climate for Diversity and Inclusion, 2022 (PDF)

UCUES 2022 research participation thumbnail with blue and gold-colored bar charts Undergraduate Student Participation in Research and Creative Projects, 2022 (PDF)
UCUES 2022 library resources thumbnail with blue and gold tables Undergraduate Student Satisfaction with Library Resources and Skills Levels in Library Research, 2022 (PDF)
UCUES 2022 financial literacy thumbnail with blue chart and black text

Undergraduate Student Financial Literacy Needs and Impact of Finances on Retention, 2022 (PDF)

  • 2018-2022 Student Experiences in Academic Programs, by Department within Each Division

UCUES 2018-2022 report icon of a light blue table

Arts Division report (PDF)


Baskin Engineering report (PDF)


Humanities Division report (PDF)


Physical and Biological Sciences report (PDF)


Social Sciences report (PDF)


2020 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey Results

The 2020 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey at UC Santa Cruz was open from May 5, 2020 to August 8, 2020.  29% of students enrolled in Winter 2020 took the survey.

2018 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey Results

The 2018 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey at UC Santa Cruz was open from April through July 2018.  39% of students enrolled in Winter and/or Spring 2018 took the survey.

2016 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey Results

2014 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey Results

Results from previous years 2008-2012 are available upon request.

Research Papers and Presentations based on the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey

Contact Information 

For more information about the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey, please contact