Step 7: Reflect on Results & Devise Action Plan

After receiving your IRAPS assessment report (Step 6), your next task will be to carefully read and consider the results of your assessment study. Remember that the goal of assessment is to provide useful information for you to improve student learning!

Here are some questions to help guide your reflection:

  • How do our results compare to our expected standards of student achievement?

  • What are our program’s key strengths relative to this PLO?

  • Where could our program improve in this PLO? Are there specific subgroups of students who could benefit from additional support?

  • How can we better support student learning in this PLO?

  • How did our overall assessment process go? How could the process be improved in the future?
Once you have spent some time thinking about the implications of the assessment results, your next step is to complete your PLO study report (Step 8).