Our Team


Anna Sher, Ph.D. - Director

Dr. Anna Sher has extensive experience and expertise in assessment of student learning, equity-minded analysis, survey research, program evaluation, and accreditation. To initiate and facilitate a campus-wide engagement in assessment at UCSC, she developed a methodological framework and analytical support for faculty-led assessment with a focus on identifying equity gaps in student learning outcomes. Since 2013, Anna has worked with many faculty members across the campus on program-specific assessment studies in undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition to assessment, she has overseen a wide range of survey projects at UCSC seeking to understand key factors in students' learning experience in the major, decision-making about coming to or leaving UCSC, and students' experience and perceptions of inclusion and diversity at UCSC, as well as survey projects that supported campus strategic initiatives. Prior to taking on a leading role in supporting assessment at UCSC, she worked with the UCSC Chancellor’s Advisory committee on evaluating and improving the climate for diversity, equity, and inclusion at UCSC. Her research interests include equity-minded methods in assessment of learning and survey research, leading to improvement in student experience and learning outcomes. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Stony Brook University, NY, and is a graduate of the WSCUC Assessment Leadership Academy.

Priscilla Sung, Assessment Specialist

Priscilla Sung, Ph.D. - Senior Assessment Specialist

Dr. Priscilla Sung provides analytical and administrative support for  numerous assessment projects across UC Santa Cruz. Priscilla first joined the UCSC Assessment Team in 2016, and brings a passion for developing data visualizations to effectively communicate findings from UCSC's innovative equity-minded assessment approach to diverse audiences. A researcher and educator with over a decade of teaching experience, Priscilla sees assessment as a powerful means of promoting student learning, enhancing instructor engagement, and advancing educational equity. She has been thrilled to have the opportunity to mentor UCSC undergraduates in assessment-related research through the Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program since 2021. Her research interests include bilingualism, cognitive development, and education. Priscilla holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, and a B.A. in Education Studies from Brown University.


Dori Weiler, Ph.D. - Assessment Specialist

Dr. Dori Weiler discovered her interest in assessment work while serving as a Graduate Student Researcher on the Assessment Team during her Ph.D. studies at UC Santa Cruz. She was drawn to assessment research because of its potential to promote student learning, generate concrete feedback for instructors, and drive positive institutional change. As a former instructor and teaching assistant for diverse courses, ranging from large lecture-based courses to research-based field courses, Dori has personally witnessed the positive impact of effective assessment. Dori holds a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC Santa Cruz, and B.A.'s in Integrative Biology and Earth Sciences from UC Berkeley. As a graduate of STEM fields, Dori specializes in applying assessment research and tools in STEM settings to create a more equitable and inclusive learning environment.



Roberto Mauad, Ph.D. - Graduate Student Researcher

Roberto Mauad is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). His teaching experience has sparked his interest in assessment research. Elaborating and supporting multiple courses to both large and small groups and using several teaching approaches, Roberto has realized that students’ performance can be measured in many other ways besides grades. Carefully incorporating quantitative and qualitative feedback from his courses’ evaluations into his teaching techniques, he witnessed a significant improvement in his classes’ learning experience, observing how powerful effective assessment can be. His current research lies in topics that help better design economic policy, ranging from monetary authority actions to climate change mitigation policies.


Julian Crown - Lead Research Assistant, Learning-Aligned Employment Program (2023-24)

Julian Crown is an undergraduate transfer student. He is currently pursuing a double major in Sociology and Legal Studies. He is particularly interested in public policy and plans to pursue a graduate degree in the fields of applied sociology or law. As one of the CUIP interns for IRAPS Assessment of Learning, he is excited to participate in projects that explore methods for evaluating and depicting student learning experiences and academic outcomes using qualitative and quantitative data.



Janai Dagdagan - Research Intern, Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (2023-24)

Janai Dagdagan is a senior majoring in Intensive Psychology. Janai is interested in equity, belonging, education, as well as childhood development. As a CUIP Research Intern, she is looking forward to assisting in projects that attempt to improve student experiences by examining their sense of belonging within school communities. She is excited to expand on her skills in quantitative and qualitative data analysis while also practicing new skills in applied research.


Regan Miller - Research Intern, Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (2023-24)

Regan Miller is a 4th year undergraduate student majoring in Cognitive Science. Her focus is in AI and human computer interaction and she is also pursuing a minor in Computer Science. She is especially interested in the process of learning and what factors support effective learning. She is excited to get a chance to contribute to understanding and improving students’ experiences at UCSC.


Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (CUIP) Alumni:


Juli Sofijski - Research Intern, Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (2022-23)

Juli Sofijski is a senior pursuing B. A. in Sociology. Juli’s passion is finding ways to make education accessible, engaging, and fun for students and teachers. As a CUIP research intern, she is eager to expand her research skills while working on projects that aim to contribute to the improvement of the learning experience at UCSC. She is enthusiastic about getting involved in applied research and is looking forward to working on projects that involve qualitative and quantitative data analysis.


Ashley Ippolito - Research Intern, Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (2021-22)

Ashley Ippolito graduated from UCSC in 2022 with a B.S. in Cognitive Science with honors, a B.A. in Linguistics, and a minor in Education. Currently, she is a graduate student affiliated with the University of Pacific School of Health Sciences Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. Since time as a CUIP intern working at IRAPS, Ashley began working in UOP's Office of Assessment as a Student Assessment Coordinator. Additionally, she is a graduate writing mentor in UOP's Student Writing Center and a Virtual Assistant to the company founder of eLiveNow. When Ashley is not wearing these various hats, she is conducting her own research! In the experimental field of Speech-Language Pathology, she is particularly interested in multilingual children through their developmental processes in literacy, while also understanding their cognitive neuroscience with respect to neurological and language-related disorders. In any free time left after that, you can find her writing her novel and being creative in any way possible!


Kaylie Kurland - Research Intern, Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (2021-22)

Kaylie Kurland holds a B.S in Cognitive Science with a minor in Sustainability Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. As part of the first cohort of CUIP interns, she assisted with assessment data collection and analysis for UCSC's Academic Excellence (ACE) program and Writing program, among others. Her independent research project, a mixed-methods study of the new ACE Integration program, revealed the widespread positive impacts of the program on both students and graduate TAs. She is currently completing her M.S in Educational Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.