Our Team


Anna Sher, Ph.D. - Assistant Director for Assessment & Survey Research

Dr. Anna Sher has extensive experience and expertise in assessment of student learning, equity-minded analysis, survey research, program evaluation, and accreditation. To initiate and facilitate a campus-wide engagement in assessment at UCSC, she developed a methodological framework and analytical support for faculty-led assessment with a focus on identifying equity gaps in student learning outcomes. Over the last seven years, Anna has worked with many faculty members across the campus on program-specific assessment studies in undergraduate and graduate programs. Since 2009, she has overseen a wide range of survey projects at UCSC seeking to understand key factors in students' learning experience in the major, decision-making about coming to or leaving UCSC, and students' experience and perceptions of inclusion and diversity at UCSC, as well as survey projects that supported campus strategic initiatives. Prior to taking on a leading role in supporting assessment at UCSC, she worked with the UCSC Chancellor’s Advisory committee on evaluating and improving the climate for diversity, equity, and inclusion at UCSC. Her research interests include equity-minded methods in assessment of learning and survey research, leading to improvement in student experience and learning outcomes. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Stony Brook University, NY, and is a graduate of the WSCUC Assessment Leadership Academy.

Priscilla Sung, Assessment Specialist

Priscilla Sung, Ph.D. - Assessment Specialist

Priscilla provides analytical and administrative support for multiple assessment projects across UC Santa Cruz. A researcher and educator with over a decade of teaching experience in various settings and with diverse students, Priscilla sees assessment as a powerful means of promoting student learning, enhancing instructor engagement, and advancing educational equity. Her research interests include bilingualism, cognitive development, and early childhood education. Priscilla holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, and a B.A. in Education Studies from Brown University.


 Shi Chen, Ph.D. - Assessment Analyst 

As part of the assessment team, Shi provides analytical and administrative support for Program Learning Outcome(PLO) asessment studies. Shi received her PhD in Applied Linguistics, specializing in language testing and assessment from Northern Arizona University. During her PhD studies, she received multiple awards to support her dissertation project, including the TOEFL Small Grant for Doctoral Research in Second or Foreign Language Assessment, the Duolingo English Test’s 2020 Doctoral Award,and the Northern Arizona University Support for Graduate Students Award. Shi also received her M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from University of Southern California. 



Ashley Ippolito - Research Intern, Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program

Ashley Ippolito is a senior undergraduate. She is currently pursuing a double major in Linguistics and Cognitive Science and a minor in Education striving to complete a M.A. and PhD in the field of Speech and Hearing Sciences. In the experimental field of linguistics, specifically in the interface of psycholinguistics, she is particularly intrigued by language acquisition in children through their developmental process through reading and environmental stimulus, while also understanding the cognitive neuroscience with respect to mental processes and neurological disorders. As a CUIP research intern, she is excited to pursue projects relating to undergraduate response surveys of academia experiences, classroom observations, and evaluating qualitative and quantitative data of assessments.


Kaylie Kurland - CUIP Research Intern, Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program

Kaylie Kurland is a 4th year undergraduate senior. She is currently pursuing a B.S in Cognitive Science with a minor in Sustainability Studies. As one of the undergraduate interns for IRAPS Assessment of Learning, she assists with assessment data collection and analysis. Other future projects include classroom observations and coding open-ended response surveys of academia experiences of undergraduates. She is excited to be a part of assessment to make an impact on the quality of student learning at UCSC.