General Education Outcomes at UCSC

In contrast to major program curricula, which prepare students to enter specific fields and disciplines, the focus of the GE curriculum is to equip students with breadth of knowledge and a set of general critical competencies (e.g., writing, quantitative analysis).

At UCSC, GE requirements are meant to accomplish the following four goals:

  1. Provide students with a base knowledge and skills that future learning can build on.
  2. Expose students to a broad range of disciplines and methodologies, to better prepare them for a world of complex problems and rapid changes.
  3. Enhance the abilities of students to approach problems in appropriately analytical ways.
  4. Prepare students to function as responsible and informed participants in civic life, considering pressing societal issues (such as the environment, the economy) productively and from a variety of perspectives.


All UCSC students are expected to fulfill a minimum of 11 GEs, listed below:

  • Composition (Writing 1 & Writing 2)
  • Disciplinary Communication
  • Cross-cultural Analysis
  • Ethnicity & Race
  • Interpreting Arts & Media
  • Mathematical & Formal Reasoning
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Statistical Reasoning
  • Textual Analysis & Onterpretation
  • Perspectives (Environmental Awareness, Human Behavior, or Technology & Society)
  • Practice (Collaborative Endeavor, Creative Process, or Service Learning)

For more information on each GE's course description and outcomes, see UCSC's GE Requirements Table.