What is the survey about?

It’s about being a student at UCSC: your academic work, access to classes, your interaction with faculty and peers, your satisfaction with advising and services, and your future plans.

Who participates in the survey?

All undergraduate students at UCSC and other UC campuses are invited to participate in UCUES every other year in Spring Quarter.  In fact, over 21,000 Santa Cruz undergraduates took the survey in the last four years of data collection.  Across the UC system, about 160,000 students participate in any given year.

What is unique about UCUES and how are the results used?

  1. UCUES survey is one of a kind, and has become an important tool that faculty and administration rely on to collect vital feedback from students.  It is the only campus-wide student survey that provides comprehensive student feedback on the quality of academic experience that is used in formal and informal evaluation of academic programs (majors).
  2. UCUES survey allows us to look for trends and to evaluate changes in student experience at UCSC.  Since 2006 results from this survey have been used to evaluate academic curriculum, teaching practices and advising, student programs and services, and the campus climate for the expression of diverse ideas, beliefs and experiences.
  3. UCUES is designed especially for UC students and provides cross-campus comparative data for UCSC and other UC campuses.

What are the prizes for completing the survey?

In appreciation for your time and as an incentive for participation, students who complete the survey will be entered into drawings for many different prizes. Every week the survey is open, a student will win a $100 gift certificate to Amazon.com.  Four $300 Amazon gift certificates will be raffled as grand prizes. Click here to read more about the prizes.

Who can I contact if I have questions or problems logging in?

Lisa O'Connor, UCSC survey coordinator, at ljoconno@ucsc.edu or (831) 502-7016.