Student Outcomes



Divisional Major Migration

Division major migration and major headcounts by elapsed years since entry for entering frosh and transfer cohorts. 









Degrees Awarded

Degrees awarded by division, major, and college. Includes major count and major fraction. Can be split and filtered by gender, race/ethnicity, underrepresented R/E, Pell, first generation, EOP, non-resident tuition, and domestic/international.








Average Time-to-Degree

Average-time-to-degree for frosh and transfer cohorts by division and degree major or by admission major. 









grad-and-retetnion-rates-dashboard-new.pngGraduation Rates by Admission and Declared Major

Graduation rates of entering frosh and transfer cohorts by their intended major at admission or their declared major. 










Retention, Graduation, and Time-to-Degree by Entering Cohorts

Retention, graduation, and average time-to-degree for frosh and transfer cohorts, with filters by demographics and academic indicators.