Staff Human Resources Survey

The Staff Human Resources Survey is an annual survey taking place in the Winter quarter of each year.  For the 2020 survey, please refer to the following areas of Staff Human Resources as you take the survey:

Benefits: The benefits office administers and provides counseling on university health and welfare programs. This office is also responsible for disability management services (DMS), including workplace accommodations, the employee assistance program (EAP) and the health care facilitator (HCF) program.

Business Administration, Policy, Projects & Resources: The BAPPR office processes background checks, manages personnel records, validates vacation accrual service credit, and distributes service awards. BAPPR also coordinates UCSC winter curtailment and manages campus compliance of labor law posters. Campus-wide communications from SHR are processed through the BAPPR unit, in addition to maintenance of the SHR website.

Compensation: The compensation & classification unit develops and analyzes labor market salary data; classifies occupied and vacant staff positions; implements wage changes; and provides consultation for managers, supervisors, and staff on compensation planning, position descriptions, equity, and stipend requests.

Employee Relations: Employee relations provides services for: organizational development; layoff planning; performance management; union relationship management; progressive discipline up to termination; probationary release; job abandonment; leaves of absence; mediation & conflict resolution; policy interpretation & administration; policy application & compliance; contract application & compliance; functional area training development & delivery; and PPSM 70 complaints.

HR Business Information Services:  HRBIS serves as a small ITS unit inside of SHR. We collaborate with other SHR units, ITS, and campus clients to remedy pain points of the campus' interaction with SHR services and look for ways to improve the overall user experience of campus clients. Also, we maintain the systems that SHR uses to serve clients.

Labor Relations: Labor relations provides services for: grievances; arbitrations and hearings; settlement agreements; terminations; unfair labor practice (ULP) charges; union bargaining & relationship management; union noticing; request for Information (RFI); mediation & conflict resolution; unemployment insurance hearings; demonstration operations response; contract interpretation & administration; functional area training development & delivery; and PPSM 70 complaints.   
Learning & Development: The learning and development unit provides classes, career coaching, and professional development resources to UCSC employees. Our mission is to enable employees to enhance success in their current roles as well as develop new skills to further career advancement.  

Operations: SHR operations is responsible for payroll administration and timekeeping for all non-academic staff and student employees, CruzPay, administration of pay adjustments for all staff and student employee records, and facilitation of student employment recruitments.   

Talent Acquisition: Talent acquisition provides services for recruitment, including recruitment consultation, record-keeping, job fairs, applicant workshops, and new employee onboarding.