Major Demand Trends

Note: Double and triple majors are counted once for each major. Total count of majors exceeds the total number of students. Students in shared majors are split evenly between the departments administering them (e.g., a Biology major is counted as .5 in both the EEB and MCDB departments).

First-Generation Status: A student is considered first-generation if neither parent earned a four-year college degree. When the educational status of only one parent is available, a student is considered first-generation if the parent did not earn a four-year degree.

Pell Grant: A Pell Grant recipient is any student who received a Pell Grant, a federal need-based grant awarded to low-income students for the purpose of obtaining a college degree, at any time while attending UCSC.

Underrepresented Group: Underrepresented Groups (URG) include students who self-identify as African American / Black, American Indian / Alaskan Native, and/or Hispanic / Latino.