Stevenson Alumni Survey

Stevenson College alumni are being asked to take a survey about the future of the Stevenson College Core course. 

Stevenson is the only UCSC college to offer a two-quarter Core sequence and there have been proposals to eliminate or make the 2nd quarter of Core optional because many students, especially in STEM, have numerous major requirements. This survey will help us evaluate the impact and value of Core at Stevenson. IRAPS is administering the survey on behalf of Stevenson College Provost.

Please check your email for your personalized link to the Stevenson Alumni survey!  This survey began on February 11, 2020, and alumni with an email address on file were sent a personalized link.  The survey will run for approximately four weeks.

If you are a Stevenson alumus and have not received a link to the survey, please email  IRAPS will generate a personalized survey link for you.